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 Villa/ Pedro

Villa and Pedro are different players but occupy the similar roles. Villa is a striker turned into an inside forward whilst Pedro is a winger made into an inside forward. This is evident in games; Villa often starts in a more advance position in between the oppositions right back and right center back whilst Pedro starts out more as a right-winger but cut’s inside. In addition Villa’s higher position means he rarely drops into his own half in the defensive phase of play while Pedro in his winger starting position is usually more inclined to drop deeper.

Pedro drops back farther and more often than Villa. Villa usually occupies the position in between rb and cb. Pedro stays on the flanks a lot more and moves inside.

Villa’s position means he is in a better positions to shots  and thus naturally get more goals than Pedro. Villa averages 3 shots a game while Pedro averages 1-2 shots per game. Statistically Pedro might just be the more clinical of the 2 he has a goal average of .54 whilst Villa has a goal average of .56 but Pedro is alloted less goal opportunities during a match. Both Pedro and Villa are fast and possess the ability to break through the back line, but Villa is poor when it comes to holding his runs and he averages more offsides than any one on Barcelona. Villa averages  2 offsides per game whilst Pedro, Messi, and Alves average an offsides every other game in La Liga.