Dani Alves

daniel alves wallpaper 1 Daniel Alves Wallpaper 1

Dani Alves is one of the most aggressive attacking fullbacks in the world.  He often starts and receives the ball in advance positions and pushes forward even more. He spends most of the game hugging the touch-line which stretches the opposition and allows Messi and Pedro to stay inside.  He does venture away from the flank occasionally ending up in the oppositions penalty area where he can cause a lot of damage by getting behind the oppositions defense with his pace.

Looking at this pass recieved chalkboard you can see that Dani alves recieves the ball more in the opposition half than he does in his own half. Often the other central mid fielders like xavi play square passes to him, thats how high up he is.

Attacking threat

Barcelona have one of the best attacking “fullbacks” in Dani Alves. By January of this year he had completed more passes in the attacking third 276 in the final third. This season he has been directly responsible for 23 Barca goals. Assisting in 18 of them and scoring 5 him self. He averages 2 key passes a game with only Xavi and Messi surpassing him and he completes 1-2 dribbles a game.

Is great defending and getting back

Not only is Alves great at going forward he possess great speed which allows him to get back to into position following his forward excursions. If Barca lose the ball and he’s been giving the responsibility to cover the whole flank he will apply pressure to the opposition fullback just like a winger would. Dani Alves also completes more tackles than any Barca player averaging 3 tackles a game. Furthermore he averages 2 interceptions a game with only 3 other players bettering him. Although he’s an aggressive attacking fullback he has remarkable defensive abilities.

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