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Midfield trio

Barca’s Midfield Trio- Xavi,Busquets, and Iniesta

Barca’s midfield three is very unique in that they all have great passing ability; none of them have a pass completion rate below 90% and they all actively help Barca in the build up play.   Barca’s midfield is composed of Xavi, Busquets, and Iniesta. Although similar they each perform their own unique task to keep the midfield running and functional.

 Xavi is the facilitator in midfield; he is the Club’s best passer averaging a 94% pass completion ratio. Furthermore he  plays more key passes than any one on the team; averaging 2-3 key passes a game. To add he averages an 121 touches a game in comparison his united counterpart Carrick who has averaged 94 touches per game in the champions league.

Busquets  operates closer to the back line and is the more defensive of the three. He averages 2-3 tackles a game whilst Xavi averages 1 and Iniesta averages 1-2. Furthermore he leads the clubs with 3 interceptions a game whilst Iniesta averages two and Xavi only averages 1 interception game. Finally Busquets averages 1-2 fouls a game, Iniesta averages 1, and Xavi averages a foul every 5 games.

If Xavi is the facilitator and Busquets is more of the dystroyer than Iniesta is the creator. Simply speaking he makes things happen; he leads Barcelona in assist in the champions league with 5 to his name. He has  8 goals in La Liga whilst Xavi has 3 and Busquets has 1. He averages 2-3 successful dribbles a game; Xavi and Busquets average 1 in comparison. All of Iniesta’s contributions cant be explained in words though

Movement Comparison

Busquets gets forward the least, Xavi stays in front of box and floats around midfield orchestrating, Iniesta has the most attacking impetus venturing into the box the most

These roles aren’t strictly adhered to though. Some days Iniesta and Busquets will orchestrate the midfield as much as Xavi, and other days Xavi will be the one going forward and getting a goal.

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