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Abidal is back after having his liver tumor removed. He may not be fully fit but word is that he will play in the champions league final. Abidal occupies an important role defensively. He can play as a  centerback equally as well as he can play left back.Also  Abidal does key defensive work on the left averaging 2 tackles and interceptions a game.

to around the 40 seconds for Abidal’s defensive qualities

 In games  against high up wingers he will stay back to form a back 3 which allows Alves to maraud forward. In other games when he has no direct opposition he will go forward him self. He doesn’t offer as much to the attack as he does to the defense though. In attack he averages a key pass every 3 or 4 games and completes a dribble on average once every 2 to 3 games.

Abidal is very composed on the ball even whilst under pressure he doesn’t boot it up the field; instead he will play past his pressing opposition to help Barca keep possession.


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