Principles to know before I explain “The cream always rises to the top theory”

1.For all who know the principles of football you would know that space is advantageous if you have the ball but extremely dangerous if you don’t.
2. If you give space to a technically proficient attacking player they will 9/10 hurt you
3. There is more space in the second half (due to player fatigue and lower concentration levels)

Now knowing this i can go onto the theory

The better team will generally rise to the top in the second half.

This is because better teams usually have higher fitness levels (they will have the physical capacitiy to comeback) and also are generally more determined to win (a lot of the time they will have the will to win.) Not to forget that the better team will generally have good technically proficient attacking players to exploit the extra space found in the second half.

Basically the better team has all of these things going for them dont give them any more of advantage.
(check out blackpool 3 everton 5)

This is what blackpool(the weaker team) did against everton after they had just came back from a losing 2-1 position to to be winning 3-2. They did very well to comeback from 2 goals down but were moronic to continue attacking. Giving everton space not only behind there defence(with their high line), but in the midfield to pass (by not pressing up high) See the last goal fellani had time to pick out saha, and the second goal where baines had time to deliver a ball into the box for beckford. Instead of continuing to attack they should of had a more reserved approach and reduced the space behind there defence(by dropping their line), or they should have pressed in midfield if they wanted to maintain there high defensive line.

Blackpool lost because they gave everton more space than they needed to hurt them. Remember space is dangerous if you dont have the ball. If you give technically proficient attacking players space 9/10 they will hurt you today saha did that today
Recap this is how blackpool lost the game (note my wording, everton didnt win this match, blackpool lost it with their lack of tactical aptitude)
First Blackpool gave everton extra space
1. they were fatigued (they had to comeback twice)
2. They gave everton extra space behind them (by not pressing high and using a high backline)
3. They continued to attacking(when you attack you expand your width which gives the opposition space which gives the opposition to counter attack you as soon as you loose the ball see evertons 5th goal.) *note this is called a transition(i will do an article on this it will be epic because the transition is an important moment in football matches it can literally decide a match)

Second Everton or essientially saha doesnt need the extra space in order to murder your team he is a dangerous player, and if you think other wise you can go dig your own grave like blackpool.

Yeah im done, if your the weaker team and your in a position to take something from the game late in the second half take a more conservative approach reduce space for the opposition, reduce the chance of conceding a goal and hope to get lucky and nick a goal. (unless find some way of having the majority of the ball against a better team or you have the man advantage over the stronger team)

(Why you need to high press when you push up will be discussed in another article)